Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Atiqa Roslan


For start, you can know me as Atiqa Roslan. I was born in kelana jaya, Malaysia on 22nd of April 1992, the year of history was made a lot I bet! I was born in assunta hospital where my mother is dying to deliver me because I'm a fat kid once. I believe in love and I believe that before we found our true love, we gotta step on thorns , walk through deep nightmare that made us stronger than the past. I loved and been loved by so many kind of human until now i am still searching who is the right person that will stand right next to me even when the world starts to break into two.

I have a very weird i don't really know what to call, fate? I always see, saw, bumped or coincidentally see either even number or number 22 itself. Pretty weird, even when the clock strikes 2:22 am, I always accidentally look at it. 

I like to write in english but not that I don't speak my own language, I just want to practice my loser grammar . I write songs and I own a guitar, well you know when you have something that is precious in your life, mine is never a person maybe because i haven't found him yet so my life is my guitar. So basically my guitar is my boyfriend. Sounds pathetic isn't it? But yeah i don't really care. 

One of the thing that makes my broken heart away for a while is sing. I sing a lot! Even I know that my voice is apparently not that nice. But singing is my therapy.

My fav artist is Taylor Swift, my songs is influenced  by her. I just love her original personality and songs that is so true. My fav band is Coldplay, the smiths, Muse, and Travis. Well theres more but these which I love the most. My all time fav movie is 500 days of summer. You won't believe how many times I've watched that movie.

Well that is a long description about me. So happy reading folks, i'll be posting lot of crappy random stuff on my blog. Enjoy!